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Small but beautiful

More by accident than design, OrangeTrail has developed over the years into an agency working mostly for larger multinational clients. However, we do work for smaller, non-commercial organisations as well. We enjoy those projects for the different perspectives they bring, and also for enabling us to contribute to organisations making a positive impact on society.

Here are some of the projects we are proud of:

  • We helped the Netherlands Institute for Human Rights to collaborate better. The institute employs many part-timers and freelance experts, each working on a multitude of cases. This makes proper alignment challenging. We guided them in devising and rolling out new ways of working using Microsoft Teams. These ensure co-workers are always up-to-date and aligned.

  • At a large Dutch hospital, we brought together ICT, Communications, HR and Learning to scope a program of digital transformation. As we all know, the healthcare sector has been under immense pressure over the past few years. As a result, there are grave concerns about its people’s well-being, exacerbated by a very tight labour market. We are now planning a phased approach to make communications and work practices at the hospital more inclusive, transparent, and intuitive. This program will start early next year with teams that are already eager to change. In collaboration with them, we will develop best practices and hero stories to inspire and coach other teams and departments.

  • Earlier, we worked with the Amsterdam Economic Board, stimulating development and innovation in our hometown. You can read that case here.

  • And finally, not so much a small organisation, but certainly a good cause: the JAM on Diversity and Inclusion we organised for a large bank, in which no fewer than 10,000 employees participated. See that case here.

This is not to say we don’t enjoy or see value in the more regular work we do. Quite the opposite! Helping co-workers communicate, collaborate, and grow, wherever they work, always leads to happier people – what’s not to like about that?

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