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Case: Collaboration coaching for Amsterdam Economic Board

The Amsterdam Economic Board is a non-profit network that brings together businesses, academic and research institutions, and authorities to transform the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area into a smart, green, and healthy region. This is a goal we wholeheartedly support for our hometown! The Board reached out to OrangeTrail in the latter half of 2021 to support them in improving their collaboration on Office365.

Since OrangeTrail usually advises large organisations, this was a nice opportunity. The project allowed us to work on a smaller, more tailored scale over the course of six months. Due to the complexity of the network, we felt that this was the best approach to fully understand the landscape.

Team definition sessions

After a technical analysis, focusing on some of the security considerations, we ran several tailored team definition sessions. Each session focused on first highlighting the opportunities of Office365 and then understanding the structures and processes of each team – including how they run meetings and conduct reviews. Using this information, we designed and set up MS Teams channels to fit each team and its workflow.

Training materials and coaching on demand

Our work with the Amsterdam Economic Board also included creating and delivering training materials on topics such as key features and functionalities of Office365, Working In the Narrative, online meeting processes, and improving personal productivity.

As they were dealing with a new way of working, the teams ran into different struggles in the process, and we provided coaching on demand. This made it possible to address individual questions that were less relevant in group sessions.

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