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Microsoft announces Viva Engage!

It’s official, Yammer Communities will soon become Viva Engage, an app designed to facilitate community building within organisations and enhance engagement, knowledge sharing, and self-expression. Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella made the announcement this week at the Microsoft Inspire Conference.

Set to launch in late August, Viva Engage will introduce features such as storyline and stories, which allow users to share their perspectives and experiences through rich media posts. Users will be able to keep up with the colleagues and leaders they follow through the new Storylines tab and will also have access to stories in Microsoft apps like Outlook, Teams, and Yammer. This creates new and exciting possibilities for engagement by modelling a frictionless sharing experience that many people are already familiar with.

Viva Engage is a great opportunity for organisations that have been thinking about improving employee engagement, cross-company connection, and the fluidity of knowledge. If you'd like to hear more about this, reach out to us – we have launched many successful platforms.

So, how will the launch work? For existing Microsoft 365 commercial customers, the Communities app will be rebranded to Viva Engage in late August, and the storyline preview will be made available around the same time. Curious? Check out the official announcement!

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