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White paper ‘Hybrid working: the big picture’

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Hybrid working is so hot that nobody seems to dare touch it: leadership, management, ICT, HR and Comms are all looking at each other. Meanwhile organisations are struggling to keep people aligned, engaged, and productive. As a quick fix, many opt for one-size-fits-all rules on how many days per week people should be at the office.

We think this is misguided. A good hybrid-working strategy starts with setting goals, taking into account the type of work, organisation, and people. Based on those goals, you should cover six strategy areas:

  • Work methods (meetings, planning, team agreements)

  • Digital collaboration (Working Out Loud, platforms)

  • Leadership (connecting people, devolved decision making)

  • Employee engagement (trust, social time, personal growth)

  • Tools and infrastructure (social tools, suitable work places)

  • Organisational support (change management, learning)

The proportion of office and remote days follows from your strategy and will differ per team.

In our white paper ‘Hybrid working: the big picture’, we address the six strategy areas in detail and share our recommendations for each. We also show you how a step-by-step approach already brings many benefits, even if the rest of the organisation is dragging its feet.

The white paper builds on independent research findings, case studies and our 10+ years of consultancy experience. You can download it here.

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