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Case: Promoting security awareness at Philips

In 2020, Philips Group Security asked OrangeTrail for support with increasing employee awareness of cyber and physical security and promoting a culture of security across the organisation. This was an especially critical topic considering the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdowns and work-from-home mandates.

The Group Security team had experience creating awareness material, however, this time they aimed to dive deeper into the topic with more engaging content. And this is where OrangeTrail came in.

We planned, designed, and delivered a three-month campaign covering five key security topics: passwords, security at home, social media, phishing, and social engineering. This included creating a visual identity and assets for Tips & Tricks, informative and gamified posts, and a series of use cases distributed on the Philips Yammer platform.

Security Days 2021: Adding a human touch to information security

Following the success of the 2020 campaign, Philips Group Security approached OrangeTrail to assist with Security Days 2021. Their ambition was to make the event even bigger while maintaining the high quality of the previous year’s campaign.

This time, the highlight of our efforts was a two-minute-long teaser video that promoted the event by putting Philips security personnel in the spotlight. We conceptualised the storyline in collaboration with Philips, and, after conducting interviews, created the storyboard and script, merging this with a look and feel we designed for the entire campaign. Our overall aim was to make the highly technical topic of security more relatable.

The result was an upbeat, engaging video that gave a face and voice to the people working hard to ensure security at Philips while giving the audience a taste of the events, talks, and activities planned for Security Days 2021. The client reported that video participants felt proud to be in the video while viewers felt that it made the topic of security easier to connect to.

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