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"Engagement is low and
our company culture is fading."


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These are testing times for you as a communications professional. Your target audience is all over the place: at the office, on the work floor, on the road - and often a hybrid mix of all the above.


The intranet is unloved, mail is a mess, and social channels won't take off - except for under-the-radar WhatsApp, of course. Leadership is worried about plummeting engagement while employees want to have more of a voice. 

You realise there is great potential in new social ways of communication, especially with an increasingly younger and digital-native workforce. But how do you prove the business value? How do you get people on board and start real dialogues? And what will then be your role? 


OrangeTrail helps organisations engage their people by teaching communication departments how to run effective online dialogues

around company narratives. For this, we can use existing digital tools and channels, such as MS Teams and intranet. But often we help launch and activate new internal social platforms, such as Yammer or Workplace.

We guide and support communications professionals - and leadership - in shifting from a top-down approach to a dialogue-focused mindset. To this end we have developed a communication toolset and offer workshops and coaching.



Social internal comms

Social tech success

Inclusive leadership



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