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Employee engagement communication

It is becoming increasingly difficult for leaders to reach employees and make them feel connected to the company's goals and path towards the future. This lack of engagement greatly impacts a leader's ability to drive change and develop a competitive edge. 

Our offering

We help leaders and communication professionals highlight company narratives and spark much-needed engagement among employees. Our speciality lies in making people feel they have a voice and are part of the organisations' narratives instead of just being informed. 


To achieve this we help the organisation by adding activating communication instruments to the palet of communication instruments and thereby create a well balanced mix. 

A well balanced communication mix

By asking questions about important topics leaders can prepare employees for change and give employees the feeling they have a voice.

Online dialogues

Giving employees a regular opportunity to ask questions to a leader will greatly improve the relationship between leaders and employees.

Ask me Anything

When leaders share what they are working on they make their priorities clear and give employees a chance to align with the goals. If they invite employees to comment, they will feel part of the journey.

Working Out Loud

By spotlighting and amplifying employee activity that supports the company narrative, leaders can encourage others to follow the example.


Informing is an activity that should get a large share of the communication mix. However, it does not build much engagement. 


Most modern social communication tools offer the option to broadcast live. This format can be used for formal events such as quarterly results or for sharing an important story as it unfolds

Live broadcast



Without exception, climate surveys highlight that the sentiment around the company narrative is one of the biggest drivers of employee engagement. However, most organisations are not doing a good job of including employees on their journeys and connecting them to the narrative. We help companies do this by creating well-balanced communication plans to engage employees with the company narrative and make them feel part of the bigger picture.  


Running large dialogues, leaders Working Out Loud, or Ask me Anything are all activities that will have significantly more effect when executed well. We help organisations run these activities and train their people to execute them in the future.

Supporting execution of the plan


Working with social networks and driving employee engagement requires a few paradigm additions to the traditional communications paradigm. Examples are the adding 'comms as a facilitator' to the 'creator' paradigm and a paradigm like 'fish where the fish are' which takes the perspective of bringing content to the audience instead of trying to get the audience to come to your content. OrangeTrail help communications departments plan and execute these. 

Supporting the communications department

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