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 Inclusive leadership communication

It is becoming increasingly difficult for leaders to reach employees and make them feel connected to the company's goals and path towards the future. This lack of engagement greatly impacts a leader's ability to drive change and develop a competitive edge. 

Our offering

We help leaders highlight company narratives and spark much-needed engagement among employees. We achieve this through strategic online dialogues that create transparency, provide context around key decisions and changes, and connect day-to-day employee activity to the company narrative. These dialogues also give employees a platform to share their knowledge and insights.

​Our approach focuses on three objectives

By asking targeted questions about the future of the organisation, leaders can prepare employees for change.

Directing and

By spotlighting employee activity that supports the company narrative, leaders can encourage others to follow the example.

Encouraging and 


When leaders share what they are working on they make their priorities clear and give employees a chance to align with the goals.

Prioritising and



Without exception, climate surveys highlight that the sentiment around the company narrative is one of the biggest drivers of employee engagement. However, most organisations are not doing a good job of including employees on their journeys and connecting them to the narrative. We help companies do this by creating well-balanced communication plans to engage employees with the company narrative and make them feel part of the bigger picture.  


JAMs are orchestrated online conversations lasting up to an hour. They bring people together to engage them with a topic, guide them through a change process, or gauge sentiment. These dialogues are also ideal for exchanging experiences or ideating solutions. Challenges are also online conversations and used for similar purposes, but they run asynchronously over days or weeks.


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