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Internal social networks

Now more than ever, social and collaboration platforms are at the heart of work.
But for many organisations, choosing a platform to introduce can be a challenge. And even after the choice is made, organisations are tasked with getting everyone on board and active, and ensuring that the platform creates business value.

Our offering

We have experience advising and supporting global organisations with selecting, launching, adopting, and managing platforms. Our approach focuses not only on the technology,
but on engaging key stakeholders, building their skills, and sparking people's interest through valuable activity that gives them a reason to visit, a reason to stay, and a reason to come back every day. We have extensive experience with Microsoft Viva Engage, Viva Connections, Viva Amplify, as well as Worplace by Meta.


Our platform selection process prioritises identifying relevant, business value-creating use cases - this is the key driver of platform adoption. Using our knowledge of the market, we evaluate and select potential platforms based on these use cases, technical, functional, and compliance considerations, and user experience.



We have designed an effective launch and adoption strategy focused on areas crucial for a platform's success. 


We ensure buy-in from leadership and key stakeholders in HR, IT, finance, procurement, and facilities management. This is a combination of communicating the potential of the new technology and teaching the skills needed to leverage it. 



Through Challenges and
JAMs – our signature launch instruments – we engage users in carefully planned online dialogues that give them a reason to visit the platform.
This ensures significant adoption in a short timeframe.

User activation

For users, we provide tips & tricks, webinars, and masterclasses that highlight the value of a platform beyond simple functionality. Rather than showing users how the platform works, we teach them what to use the platform for and how to unlock its benefits.

Training and

Equipping comms teams with the right skills for the new platform is key. Our Communication Mindshift Training introduces comms professionals to new ways of interacting and engaging on the chosen platform. 



We understand that platforms can get flooded with information, creating “noise” for users. This is why we dedicate time to the structure and organisation of audiences, groups, and content on
the platform. 

Content architecture

Our local platform manager programme is developed to empower local platform owners in large enterprises dispersed across locations. This online training supports them in fostering successful communities through various collaboration methodologies.

Local platform
manager training

Technology should be about breaking through inefficiency and lack of creativity – adding value for employees and the business. To highlight this, we identify examples from within the organisation and turn them into use cases and hero stories to inspire others. 

Use cases

Our launch and adoption programme includes monitoring the platform, encouraging interactions, orchestrating valuable conversations, and providing support materials for users
at all levels. 

Platform monitoring

and management support

All organisations should have guidelines to ensure clear roles and responsibilities on the platform and constructive use. We work with key stakeholders to create and implement the right governance structures and response protocols when the platform is misused. 

Governance support


For companies already using platforms, we offer a platform analysis to identify areas of improvement and opportunities to increase the business value of the platform. The analysis is based on our Social Collaboration Maturity Model, which assesses platform maturity in seven key areas: communication, leadership, communities, innovation, teams, support functions, and employee usage.




Keeping a platform healthy and valuable to employees and the organization requires resources and skill. We support platform owners in keeping the platform clean, having governance, managing communities, creating content, and running support communities. 



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