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"I want to facilitate hybrid work and digital transformation."


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The last two years have been a rollercoaster ride. You are proud of how you instantly adapted to remote working, kept your team together, and even managed to achieve your goals. The relaxation of Covid rules seemed to come just in time, as your people were getting tired and fed up.


But hybrid working is not turning out to be the best of both worlds, as you had hoped. It is proving hard to come up with - and agree on - new ways of working. Especially as you’re not getting the support you need from the organisation.  

You see great promise in more flexible work arrangements, facilitated by digital technology. There must be better ways to work together in MS Teams and other tools, so everybody is in the loop and you can keep track.  


OrangeTrail guides teams through transformations in their ways

of working. Collaboration tools, such as MS Teams or Workplace, often play an integral role in this. But you can only be successful if you also change work processes, team agreements and mindsets.


Our methods include running workshops and webinars, codifying experiences, and amplifying success cases with appealing visuals. We often work closely with pilot teams and then scale up to organisation-wide programs.  



Hybrid working 

Collaboration in MS teams

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