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Collaboration in MS Teams

New technologies are only as useful as we make them. When it comes to collaboration, many organisations fall into the trap of introducing new tools and technologies without providing the support people need to use them effectively.

Our offering

We help individuals, teams, and organisations become excellent collaborators using MS Teams. Our methods are designed to facilitate transparency, better communication, improved alignment, and smarter ways of working.

The program addresses six key areas


Our scalable Tips & Tricks campaigns tackle key pain points and encourage better collaboration behaviours and improved team efficiency and rhythm. We use multimedia and appealing visuals to spark engagement and encourage users to bring their colleagues into the conversation, spreading the information further.


Step-by-step guides and checklists that individuals or teams can implement.


Working Out Loud & Working in the Narrative, Running effective meetings, Improving personal productivity, Improving team alignment, Becoming remote-ready, and Information security.

​Tips & Tricks

MS Teams, OneNote, MS Planner, Tasks, Yammer, and Tool updates.

Tips & Tricks


To further enable individuals and teams to become excellent collaborators, we run online and offline webinars, workshops, and masterclasses. These sessions combine technical and practical guidance with inspiration for new ways of working.



We believe in the power of communities to facilitate learning, and so we create and manage online communities to speed up the change process and support people in building new work habits. In these communities, members connect and help each other as they transform their approach to work.


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