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Hybrid working

An effective hybrid work strategy requires more than simply agreeing on

the number of office days. Many teams find themselves struggling with misalignment, Zoom fatigue, information overload, plummeting engagement, and many other issues. This greatly impacts performance.

The program addresses six key areas


Our scalable hybrid working program equips teams with the skills and tools to collaborate digitally, run effective online meetings, plan efficiently, and accelerate decision-making.
This sets them up to succeed regardless of where they work from.


Employee digital


Collaboration practices

and processes

Management skills for
hybrid team leaders

Effective planning
and alignment

Social cohension

Workplace well-being

Employee digital


Effective planning
and alignment


To complement the hybrid programme, we created a playbook to guide organisations as they re-invent and refine their hybrid working habits.






The playbook is made up of these elements:


Common hybrid scenarios to help users identify their specific situation and needs.


Step-by-step guides and checklists that individuals or teams can implement. 


Ideas, tips, and tricks to
solve everyday hybrid
working issues.  

Best practices

Hybrid working: the big picture
​OrangeTrail, white paper, June 2022 

In this white paper, we propose a strategy framework for hybrid working. We build on independent research findings, case studies and our 10+ years of experience in advising clients such as HEINEKEN, Philips,, ING and Catharina hospital on alignment, collaboration, and digitisation. 

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