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is smarter together

What we do

We believe that connected organisations with exceptional collaboration skills, facilitated by the best technology, have a sustainable competitive advantage. These organisations are faster, smarter, employees are more engaged, and have a strong sense of community. This is what fuels us. 


We create a work environment where everybody is smarter together by teaching people the skills to be more connected, more collaborative and more productive. By doing so, we raise their level of engagement with the organisation’s journey.

We believe that the introduction of technology starts with understanding and experiencing the benefits of using it and not only by understanding its functions. Our approach results in a high return on investment for organisations, high usage and adoption rates of the introduced technology and online communities where people thrive.


The 2nd edition of the Social Maturity Global Benchmark is now available! The report reflects the impact COVID-19 had on how organisations use their social platforms. 


39 organisations from 16 countries have performed the Maturity Scan this year. Together they represent over half of a million employees. 
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Our key areas

Engaging with the
company narrative

Many organisations want people to feel they are part of their story, to have a sense of belonging, and to live the vision and mission. At the same time, organisations are still used to cascading information down the hierarchy. It is broadly accepted that broadcasting information leads to passiveness on the receiving end. Connecting people to a narrative and activating them can be done by having conversations and asking questions in online communities.


Collaboration platforms offer the technology to reach and connect people in an easy way; to have access to thousands of eyes, ears, brains, and voices. We help organisations reach their people by teaching leaders and communication departments the methods and skills to have effective online dialogues. 

Working smarter and becoming faster 

We help people to start working smarter, become more effective and transform the way they work using a central and transparent place to collaborate. We achieve this by getting people interested in using new collaboration tools through running workshops, webinars and sharing inspiring stories with individuals and teams. We understand business and understand that technology is an instrument and not a goal in itself.


We create supporting materials, codify experiences and amplify success cases with appealing visuals. We also train the trainers and co-design approaches with our clients, tailoring solutions every step of the way. We’re good at creating and fostering online communities that speed up and amplify working smarter. We use the technology itself to have highly effective and scalable global programs.

Accelerated learning through collaboration

The concept is simple: people learn the most when they observe other people. By seeing other people active in online communities and actively engaging with the subject matter, you learn faster. We love using the power of asking questions as an instrument for learning. All of our learning programs focus on collaboration. We’re good at implementing micro-learning: short and engaging learning moments.


We provide ‘active’ programs with learning as core goal, such as Communities of Practice or Tips & Tricks programs. We also provide services where learning is a by-product, such as JAM sessions. By joining a
JAM session, you actively learn about
a topic ánd learn a new way of co-creating online. Finally, we provide learning in the form of onboarding
new joiners in your company. 

Our services


We help teams become better collaborators. We help individual teams with powerful work-
shops and at the same time run scalable online campaigns in large global organisations. We 
specialise in building good support communities with end users to speed up the change process and support them in their day-to-day work. In these communities employees connect, share knowledge and solve problems together.

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By running strategic conver-
sations on their internal platforms, leaders can improve the engagement with the key company narratives. By showing how to work in an open way, leaders can set the right example. We support leaders
in directing and activating, prioritising and amplifying behaviours that connect with the company narrative. 



We help leaders and communication professionals 
get maximum value from 
the collaboration platform 
by supporting key company narratives and increasing employee engagement. We support them through training and coaching, running online dialogues, and developing communication strategies. 

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Clients & cases
We build lasting relationships with the people we work with.
By having a focus on the people involved we build trust and are able to have lasting impact on the way our clients work.

HEINEKEN wins "best community launch" award

HEINEKEN launched Workplace globally to all employees, dispersed over 80+ Operating Companies. To ensure a successful launch and adoption HEINEKEN decided to appoint, support, and train Local Community Leads in all OpCo's worldwide. 

Normally, trainers would fly across the globe, doing face to face sessions and workshops. But HEINEKEN decided to leverage the platform in the best way possible, and practice what they preach: connecting online and exchanging knowledge, doing trainings in online communities.

OrangeTrail was involved every step of the way, devising and planning the launch strategy, building successful communities and use cases through community management, training the global lead and organising several launch events during the project.

launches MS Teams

OrangeTrail has guided FrieslandCampina in launching MS Teams for 16k employees. Through strong use cases, setting up
a strong network of early innovators and engaging employees in the new way of working, OrangeTrail has managed to grow the usage of MS Teams organically and with long term effects on the organisation. 

During the difficult time of the COVID19 outbreak, we have supported FrieslandCampina to enable all their employees to work successfully from home within a short amount of time. Combining our adoption activities with delivering toolkits, webinars and other attractive and informative communication assets has allowed us to accelerate work processes and increase digital literacy overall. 


To keep the leadership connected to the employees during
these unprecedented times, OrangeTrail helped organize several online dialogues on Yammer, allowing leaders to engage in meaningful dialogue with thousands of employees at once around the impact that Covid-19 has had on their personal and professional lives.

Who we are
We are collaborative by nature, transparent, playful and convention challenging. We confidently bring a structured approach with a clear
plan and vision. Our clients feel cared for, because we really understand their frustrations. Hands-on and straightforward, we deliver our services in attractive and clear formats. As a truly multicultural team, and we're proud to say that we can deliver our work in 10 languages. 


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Partners & platforms

To make sure our customers get the
best, unbiased advice we don't maintain financial relationships with the social technology providers. But we stay close enough with our technology partners to
be at the leading edge of new develop-ments interpreting them for our clients business benefits.


Besides our partnerships with providers, OrangeTrail has partnered with Knowman, based in Lisbon, in order to deliver our services to a larger market. 

We are technology agnostic and successfully support large multinational organisations
with different collaboration platforms.  

Contact us

Tolstraat 127– 4 

1074 VJ Amsterdam
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