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Bridging the gap between people and technology

Do you find yourself wishing you had an easier way to collaborate?

Is digital transformation on your company's  agenda?

Ever think you spend too much time explaining and not enough time doing?

What we do
We help organisations work better using enterprise social technology. 
What’s your current situation?

I don't have a platform yet

Have you been tasked with finding out which enterprise social platform is right for your organisation? Not sure where to start with all the options you have available? We can help you answer these questions as we have worked through the same questions from our clients.  


Our platform selection process aims to find the platforms that best suit the use cases in your company. To help get this process started within your organisation, we host inspiration sessions that are designed to get leadership and project stakeholders on board. It is a session aimed to inspire and get people thinking about the opportunities that social technology presents.

I want to (re-)launch a platform 

With our help, you can make your social platform a vital part of the way that people communicate and collaborate at work - from the very start.


Our launch and adoption programmes are tailor made for clients that want to introduce a new collaboration or communications platform.

Want to DIY? Our launch-in a day programme, based on our award-winning launch strategies, is designed especially for small and medium businesses that want a fast and effective launch at low cost. 

I have a platform

Using new technologies effectively is challenging: most people understand its functionalities, but need to learn how to work smarter with it and realise the potential of the platform.


We provide workshops and courses for community managers, users, leadership, HR teams and internal communications teams to teach them what they can get out of the platform.

Need some support with the management of your platform? Our experienced community managers are here to provide the extra support you need to keep things running smoothly, even when you don't have the time. 

​How mature is your organisation when

it comes to social collaboration? 

Together with our partner, Knowman, we introduce the Maturity Scan based on our Social Collaboration Maturity Model. Perform a quick scan and receive a free personalised report .

Clients & cases
We build lasting relationships with the people we work with: by having a focus on the people involved we build trust and are able to have lasting impact on the way our clients work. rolls out Workplace by Facebook is a rapidly growing organisation. One of the consequences of an ever-growing group of employees is the fact that people no longer all know each other. Knowing what is happening in the organisation and who is doing what becomes increasingly more difficult. This problem is called 'findability' within A new professional social network was seen as part of the solution.

Annelies Elsendoorn from internal communications: “The project team was convinced that you only have one chance to launch a platform such as workplace. If you don’t get it right and the first visit does not show value to a visitor chances are great they will not engage. As a result the value of the platform for the company will not be great enough in the long run. Therefore, we spent a lot of attention preparing the launch.”

HEINEKEN wins "best launch strategy" award

HEINEKEN has decided to launch Workplace globally to all employees, dispersed over 80+ Operating Companies. To ensure a successful launch and adoption HEINEKEN decided to appoint, support, and train Local Community Leads in all OpCos worldwide. 

Normally trainers would fly across the globe, doing face to face sessions and workshops. But HEINEKEN decided to leverage the platform in the best way possible, and practice what they preach: connecting online and exchanging knowledge, doing trainings online.

OrangeTrail was involved every step of the way, devising and planning the launch strategy, training the global lead, and organising the launch events at several points in the project. 

Who we are
We are collaborative in nature, transparent, playful, convention-challenging and always strive to produce only the highest quality for our clients. 
At our core, we all believe that changing how people work through collaboration can make people and companies more successful. Are you in?

Platforms we work with

We are technology agnostic and successfully support several large multinational organisations with different collaboration platforms.  

Our partners 

Technology partners

To make sure our customers get the best, unbiased advice we don't maintain financial relationships with  the social technology providers. But we stay close enough to be at the leading edge of new developments interpreting them for our clients business benefits.

Knowman & OrangeTrail

OrangeTrail has partnered with Knowman, based in Lissabon, in order to deliver our services to a larger market. 

Read more about our partnership here.

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