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We believe that information should be easily accessible to everyone in the company.
A well-structured SharePoint functions as the base of knowledge sharing.
Because companies have a lot of information to share, SharePoint can function as a great tool to use for a central information hub. 



First, we engage directly with the stakeholders to understand the purpose and audience of the site, and we explore any existing relevant material. Based on this, we create a sitemap of the SharePoint environment and, where relevant, wireframes. Based on that we design the Sharepoint site. Designing the site also means we create supporting images and banners in the SharePoint style. 


To make files and other resources easily accessible, we also structure and organise the backend of SharePoint site. Therefore, we create asset libraries that are logically structured and user-friendly so that information can always be stored in the right place. 

SharePoint audit

Regular SharePoint audits keep your organisation’s information up-to-date easy to find.  Our SharePoint audit service is designed to clean up existing individual SharePoint sites or groups of sites owned by a function or department. We scan and map existing sites and, together with the stakeholders, decide what data can be removed or reorganised. After archiving old or inactive pages, we support stakeholders in assigning ownership for sites and developing a SharePoint maintenance strategy. This ensures that your SharePoint sites remain well-structured and updated, even after the audit. 

Our audit service doesn’t only help optimise data storage, it also helps minimise the energy consumption that comes with excessive data storage, contributing to your organisation’s sustainability goals.

SharePoint data cleanup campaign

In larger organizations, certain teams are responsible for their own data storage. To promote SharePoint (data) cleanup, we create SharePoint (data) cleanup campaigns, as part of our SharePoint offering. We do this by creating engaging, motivating, and informative content around the topic of digital waste. 

Together with the stakeholders we decide on the look and feel of the campaign. We create a content plan and execute the creation of the content. 

Working with

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