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"I'm in meetings all day, my mailbox is a mess, and I miss my co-workers."


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You have a lot on your plate. Since Covid the number of online meetings has gone through the roof and your colleagues are messaging you all the time. And that on top of the deluge of often irrelevant emails that you receive every day. When can you get any work done?


Nobody seems to know how you and your team should organise your work, when to be in the office, and which digital tools to use for what. You like the flexibility of hybrid working, but you miss the vibe in the office. You feel like you're always on, yet often you can't reach co-workers, management, and support when you need them. 

Apps could probably help, but why can't work tools be as simple as the apps you use at home, like WhatsApp and LinkedIn? And who can teach you and your organisation how to use these tools in the best and easiest way?


OrangeTrail helps organisations create a work environment

where everybody can be more connected and smarter together.

We coach teams to choose and adapt to new ways of working,

making the best use of tools like MS Teams, Yammer and Workplace.


We typically work for Communications, HR, IT, Leadership or any combination. But all our projects start with you and your peers,

taking into account the diversity amongst you: front-line,

back-office or knowledge workers; on the work floor, at the office, on the road, at home or a hybrid mix of these; digital-native or in need of a helping hand.

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