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Copilot & Everyday AI in the workplace

OrangeTrail’s vision of Everyday AI combines the adoption of Microsoft 365 Copilot and other Generative AI tools into people’s daily work.


Due to its cost, Microsoft 365 Copilot will initially serve as a specialised tool for certain areas within organisations. This highlights the importance of also focusing on raising awareness and upskilling employees around generally available tools, such as free versions of the Copilot chat in Bing or internally developed AI bots.


By also promoting these more affordable options, organisations can start developing a foundation in Generative AI capabilities across all levels.

Copilot & Everyday AI in 6 steps

OrangeTrail has developed a comprehensive 6-step approach for the adoption of Copilot and other Generative AI tools that can be tailored to meet the diverse needs of your organisation.

Whether you're just beginning to explore the possibilities of Generative AI for workplace productivity, seeking to solidify your employees’ foundational AI skills, or ready to expand and scale Copilot across your enterprise, our structured approach ensures you have the guidance and support necessary to achieve your goals.



AI readiness

The Copilot & Everyday AI journey requires the establishment of a comprehensive foundation covering Governance, Collaboration Excellence, Ethical - Legal, ensuring that the organisation is ready to adopt Copilot and other Generative AI tools.


Analyse pilot results & additional pilots

Evaluate the early access pilot results to understand usage patterns, challenges, and early business cases of Copilot.

Conduct additional targeted pilots to explore specific capabilities of Copilot and refine the approach based on feedback from initial pilots.


Inspire and explore

Introduce Generative AI in the workplace to more people, setting realistic expectations and how it fits into everyday work.


Trainings and community building

Equip employees with the knowledge to use Copilot and other AI tools effectively and run an AI community where employees can learn from each other and where we can run campaigns about different adoption themes.


Develop use cases and success stories

In parallel with trainings, internal use cases that can be scaled within the organisation is extremely important for a continued, daily usage of AI at work.


Review, optimise and scale

Ensure the sustainable and effective scaling of Copilot & Everyday AI tools across the organisation.

Copilot Trainings and Workshops

OrangeTrail runs trainings and workshops that can be personalised to meet your specific needs as part of our 6-step adoption approach or as targeted one-off sessions.


Introduction to Copilot

General introduction to Copilot showing all the places where a user can interact with Copilot. Practicing basic use cases and prompting.


Prompts are key to unlocking Copilot’s full potential. Including prompting techniques and how they lead to high-quality results.



General introduction to Copilot showing all the places where a user can interact with Copilot. Practicing basic use cases and prompting.

General introduction to Copilot showing all the places where a user can interact with Copilot. Practicing basic use cases and prompting.


We’ll dive into the art of generating compelling text and visuals with Copilot, unlocking new levels of creativity and efficiency in content creation.

Copilot for creators

Practical use cases are needed to make Copilot part of daily work. This workshop is aimed at exploring surfacing use cases.

Exploring use cases


Copilot is very powerful as a summarising tool. Explore how managers can use it to get insight into the latest status of projects and processes.

Copilot for leaders


Explore how Copilot can improve the meeting experience by providing real-time assistance, generating action items, summaries, and more.


Ready to get started with Copilot & Everyday AI?

Contact us or book a meeting to learn more! 

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