Workplace by Facebook to launch a new User Interface

May 28, 2019

In the last couple of months, Workplace by Facebook have introduced a number of significant changes to the platform. Firstly, they recently announced a migration from domains to domains, which continues the path of separating the Facebook and Workplace applications. Secondly, and perhaps an even bigger change, a complete redesign of the platform’s user interface on desktop.


System admins on Workplace environments have already had access to the new design for a couple of weeks. However, starting June 5, all Workplace users will have the ability to switch back and forth to the new design. From August 5th onwards, the change will be final for all users across the platform. During the time between June 5 and August 5, Workplace admins will have the ability to switch 100% of their organisation to the new user interface.


So what is changing?


The redesign is positioned as a “new experience that aligns more with how people want to use Workplace at work while remaining intuitive and familiar to Facebook.”


The biggest change is that the news feed becomes a lot less central to the Workplace experience. Rather than it looking like the focal point of the Workplace (and Facebook) experience, the set-up of the main screens has changed.



It seems that the mobile interface has remained the same. For now, that is.


Upon log in, you still land on the news feed, but the real change is that navigating away from the news feed and into groups is a lot more seamless. Because the top bar page navigation has been moved to the sidebar, you can now click through groups via the collapsible sidebar quickly and easily.


Another cool little feature, is that once in a group, you can remove any clutter from the sidelines, to ensure you can fully focus on reading and interacting with the information at hand.


Notifications are also getting a change: while in the last design you could access the notifications hub, it ended up being snowed under and difficult to really embed in your working process. Now, when you click on notifications, another collapsible sidebar gives you the ability to filter through notifications and label them as read/unread. This makes it easier to act on notifications and to keep track of what needs you attention most.




Are you ready for the change?  


If your organisation is using Workplace by Facebook you must be wondering: should I be doing anything to prepare my users for this change?


The good news is that once users make the switch over to the new UI they’ll be guided through a standard onboarding tutorial. The best thing you can do is make users aware that the change will be definitive on August 5, and that in the coming months they’ll have the opportunity to try out this new look. Workplace has provided updated user resources as well, so if you usually share instruction materials on your platform you can update them with these.


This change seems like a good driver for Workplace’s ultimate goal: for the platform to become a place to focus and do you work, and not only focus on secondary work processes. Our verdict so far: we like it! Need some help managing the change or want to discuss the implications, then message us!


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