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"I need to tackle tool adoption and security awareness issues."


Walk in the Desert

You don't dare to say it, but Covid gave you an opportunity to shine. Not only because you managed to get everyone online remotely in no time, but also because it pushed through a wave of digitisation that you had long advocated. Your non-IT colleagues have trouble keeping up, though. 


You see tools like MS Teams are often being used only for video-calling and chat, not for the true collaboration you know they are capable of. But how do you increase adoption? How do you help managers and teams to use technology better? And how do you make sure they do it securely?


OrangeTrail helps IT departments bridge the gap between

technology, organisational demands, and employee experience.

We understand the possibilities, but also the implications

of digitisation. In practice, this means process design, digital-channel strategy, content architecture, and stakeholder alignment. 

But we know new technology will only get widely adopted through comprehensive change programs. We run powerful workshops, develop hero cases, create global campaigns, and build support communities. We also use this experience to design effective communication campaigns and online events around key IT topics, such as information security.

We are a Microsoft Certified Partner, but also work with tools such as Workplace and Slack.

Working Alone in the Office


Hybrid working 

Collaboration Excellence

IT campaigns

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