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"I am worried about people's wellbeing."


Climbers in Rock Wall

You're in the spotlight. HR is finally getting the attention it deserves, but now you must deliver. High attrition, fruitless recruitment, worries about wellbeing, stalled learning, ineffective onboarding: they are all big issues. And now the 'figuring out hybrid working' dossier has also landed on your desk.


You know you should work more closely with management to structure and resource teams; with Communications to get spirits up; and with IT to service a new generation of digital-native co-workers. But how do you organise all that? And how do you fight rising detachment, absenteeism, and burnouts?


OrangeTrail helps organisations engage their people on internal social platforms. These can be existing digital tools and channels, such as MS Teams and intranet, or new ones, such as Yammer or Workplace, which we help launch and activate.

We coach leaders in using these tools to become more inclusive, for example through well-planned, organisation-wide online JAM sessions. But just as importantly, we foster internal communities, connecting co-workers and teams with each other and with the organisation.


These can be Communities of Practice focused on social learning, Enterprise Resource Groups promoting diversity and inclusion, and other theme-based or social communities driving belonging and engagement.

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