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What we do

We create engaging work environments where everybody is smarter together

What we do

OrangeTrail is a dedicated band of consultants, storytellers, and designers.


 We teach organisations and their people the skills to be more connected, collaborative, and productive, facilitated by the best technology.  

The result? Increased adoption rates of new technology; superior online

communities where employees thrive; and faster, more competent organisations. 


The second edition of the Social Maturity Global Benchmark is now available! The report highlights how COVID-19 has impacted social

platform usage within organisations.  


Thirty-nine organisations from 16 countries completed the Maturity

Scan this year. Together, they represent over half of a million employees. 

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Inclusive leadership and communications

Organisations are struggling to ensure that employees feel connected. They need to shift from a top-down approach to a dialogue-focused mindset.  


We help organisations engage their people by teaching leaders and communication departments how to run effective online dialogues around company narratives, using collaboration platforms such as Yammer and Workplace.  

Our key areas

Coaching (hybrid) teams to work smarter

We help people transform their ways of working using new collaboration tools such as

MS Teams and Workplace.

Our methods include

running workshops and webinars, codifying experiences, and amplifying success cases with appealing visuals.  

We're good at fostering online communities that facilitate smarter (hybrid) working, and we do this through scalable global programs.  

Accelerating learning through collaboration

People learn faster by observing others in online communities and actively engaging with the subject matter. We love using the power of asking questions

as an instrument for learning.

One way we do this is by running JAM sessions.  


All of our learning programs focus on collaboration. We provide Tips & Tricks and onboarding programs, implement micro-learning,

and build Communities of Practice.  

Our services
Our services

Change at scale

Our campaigns help organisations achieve high levels of adoption quickly and at scale. We combine high-quality supportive materials with our tried-and-tested local-leads approach, involving leadership and end-users every step of the way. As a result, we successfully facilitate the adoption of collaboration platforms, building active communities

that will last. 

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Improved collaboration

We help teams become excellent collaborators, individually with powerful workshops and collectively with scalable online campaigns. We also specialise in building good support communities for employees to speed up the change process

and support them in their

day-to-day work. In these communities, members connect, share knowledge, and solve problems together. 


IT communication

We carry out communication for

IT related topics in large organisations. Our methods are effective because we focus on business value and the user perspective more than on the technical aspects. We have also mastered running large-scale campaigns on modern communication platforms. 


Networked leadership

By running strategic conversations on internal platforms, leaders can improve engagement with key company narratives. By showing how to work openly, they can set the right example. We support leaders in directing and activating, prioritising, and amplifying behaviours that connect with the company narrative. 

Hybrid working

Teams often struggle to align when they switch to remote or hybrid work, and this impacts performance. We equip teams with the skills and tools to collaborate digitally, run

effective online meetings, plan efficiently, and accelerate decision-making. This sets

them up to succeed regardless

of where they work from.

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Future comms

We help leaders and communication professionals

get maximum value from collaboration platforms by supporting key company narratives and increasing employee engagement. We guide them through training

and coaching, running online dialogues, and developing communication strategies.

Clients & cases
Clients and cases
We form lasting relationships with the organisations we work with. By focusing on the people involved, we build trust and make a significant impact on the way they work. 

HEINEKEN wins "best community launch" award

HEINEKEN launched Workplace globally to all 90 000 employees. To ensure a successful launch and adoption, HEINEKEN used Local Community Leads in over 80 OpCo's. Instead of in-person training all over the world, HEINEKEN leveraged the platform itself by connecting and training employees online and encouraging the exchange of knowledge. 


We were involved in every step, devising and planning the launch strategy, building thriving communities and use cases through community management, training the global lead, and organising several launch events during the project. 

launches MS Teams

We guided FrieslandCampina in launching MS Teams for 16 000 employees. We created solid use cases, set up a strong network of innovators, and engaged employees in the new way of working. We also accelerated work processes and increased digital literacy with adoption activities, toolkits, webinars, and other attractive communications material. 


During the COVID-19 outbreak, we supported the switch to working remotely. To keep the leadership connected, we helped organise several online dialogues on Yammer. These allowed leaders to engage in meaningful conversations with thousands of employees about the impact of the pandemic on their personal and professional lives. 

Who we are
Who we are
We are collaborative by nature, transparent, playful and convention challenging. We confidently bring a structured approach with a clear plan and vision. Our clients feel cared for because we truly understand their frustrations. Hands-on and straightforward, we deliver our services in attractive and clear formats. As a genuinely multicultural team, we are proud to say that we speak 13 languages, including English, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Vietnamese
and Japanese. 
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Partners and platforms

We are technology-agnostic and successfully support large, multinational organisations with different collaboration platforms. To make sure our clients get the best-unbiased advice, we don't maintain financial relationships with platform providers. But we stay close enough with them to be at the leading edge of new developments, interpreting them for the benefit of our clients.​

We also partner with Knowman, a Lisbon-based consulting firm,

to deliver our services to a larger market.  

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Contact us
Contact us

Tolstraat 127– 4 

1074 VJ Amsterdam
+31 202 440 185
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