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Collaboration excellence

Many multinationals have collaboration as one of their strategic pillars. However, very few have a strategy to reach collaboration excellence. Our program aims to change that.  


On top of this adoption programs are often seen as one-off events, such as the introduction of Microsoft Teams. However, with the current pace of change, organizations need to build permanent change and communication power. This is what we call the change and adoption engine.

Especially with the adoption of Copilot in the near future, having strong change infrastructure will be an immense help. 


Collaboration Strategy

For an organisation to improve it's collaboration and become more competitive requires defining what ways of working are important for the success of the organisation and understanding the maturity of collaboration at the organisation.


The next step is to prioritize and plan what audiences in the organization need to master certain skills by what date. This analysis yields a collaboration strategy.


The strategy deals with modern problems such as email and meeting overload. It deals with structuring the information chaos. The strategy also looks at using technology to change unproductive ways of working. As most multinationals use Microsoft products, our strategy aligns well with this technology.

Adoption & change infrastructure

To drive adoption organisations require an adoption infrastructure. Adoption infrastructure is a set of instruments you can use to drive change. Examples are the intranet, Viva Engage, champion networks, (AI) Bots, training, connections to local comms professionals, games, etc. We see that organisations neither structurally invest in this infrastructure nor maintain it. We’ll analyse your infrastructure and prioritise what elements shall be used and what elements will be developed.



  • Duration 1-2 months 

  • Establish initial adoption topics & goals 

  • Interview adoption stakeholders 

  • Quick scan adoption infrastructure 

  • Quick scan of data points 


  • Establish ambition level 

  • Establish maturity 

  • Interview stakeholders and users 

  • Set goals based on Gap 

  • Create roadmap 

 Change program 

  • 5 campaigns per year (average 4 weeks duration) 

  • Why, how, myths, etc. 

  • Multi-channel 

  • Multimedia 

  • Measure results 

Collaboration strategy: getting it right!

In this white paper, we propose a strategy framework for hybrid working. We build on independent research findings, case studies and our 10+ years of experience in advising clients such as HEINEKEN, Philips,, ING and Catharina hospital on alignment, collaboration, and digitisation. 

We've worked for

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