Enterprise bots by OrangeTrail

Bots offer user-friendly and
cheap interfaces to automate and run hundreds of company processes and communications.

Hi Jon, I'm Tim: I help you track your hours. Let's get started!

You want to track hours: which client did you work for today? 

Lowers & Co. 

Great, I've recorded that! How many hours did you work for this client?

What we talk about when we talk about bots
It's simple: bots are computer programs that can conduct conversations and perform tasks. We use our expertise and experience working with companies on collaboration and internal communication to find ways that bots can help them
Our bots help organisations address common issues and inefficiencies, and simplify our working lives.
Areas where bots can improve your business

Process improvement

Processes that live on paper, Excel of email can be inefficient and irritating. Bots can automate these processes and provide one simple user friendly interface.


Bots can help deliver tailored 1-to-1 content on a large scale and in a short time frame, while verifying reception.


Bots can simplify the use of the often many systems within companies (procurement, HR, CRM, ERP), serving as a single easy-to-use interface for employees.


Bots can ensure a timely delivery, readership and verified agreement for legislated requirements; such as internal policy updates or safety and security regulations.

Information gathering

Many companies suffer from survey fatigue. Bots provide a less intrusive and smarter channel to quickly distribute surveys and compile responses.

Support channels

Bots can be programmed to answer the most common questions, hereby automating large parts of expensive service channels.

Continuous learning

Bots can deliver bite sized learning content and verify understanding by asking questions. Hereby improving often costly learning processes.

Getting started with bots

Interested in learning how bots can be implemented in your company? We guide our clients through all the steps in the process, starting by sharing our experiences and working with you through the design and development stages until you have a fully operational enterprise bot. 

Our bots 
Our expertise, delivered in bite-sized chunks
After years of implementing enterprise social networks with record breaking levels of adoption among employees, we are sharing what we have learned! AdoptBot guides employees during their first weeks on a new platform, using the OrangeTrail launch and adoption methodology. 
What sets our approach apart is the focus on value: giving employees practical guidance in finding ways in which the platform really improves their day to day work. View the full AdoptBot demo here.
Bots to make your workday easier

Ever get frustrated by expensive and time-consuming employee surveys? Meet Sara. Sara conducts surveys among employees, with questions tailored to your company and instant tallying of results.

Sara the SurveyBot

Paul is Sara's little brother: a pulse bot that fires off quick short surveys that employees can answer with the click of a button. An easy way to monitor how people are feeling, and to poll opinions about recent developments.

Paul the PulseBot

Tim is a quick fellow: he helps hourly billable employees track what they have been working on, for how long, and who the time should be billed to. This can then be exported to managers for approvals or directly to invoices. View a demo here. 

Tim the TimeBot
Felix the FacilityBot

Felix is a facility manager's best friend! He helps out by organising and handling issues with a facility, making sure that the facility manager comes to work with an organised task list waiting for him. No more fielding hundreds of emails, texts and calls from employees about the same issue!

Trina the 360Bot

360 degree evaluations involve a lot of organising to make sure everyone gets their documentation done in time - but Trina cuts this load in half by breaking the evaluations down into simple questions employees have to answer in small chunks of time. 

Lara the LearnBot

Employee development involves a heavy administrative workload, and is often tied up in clunky learning management systems. Lara clears this up by asking your employees test questions that they can answer at a time of their convenience and delivers an up-to-date log to you so that you know how your employees are doing.

Safeguard your company
Chris the ComplianceBot

In many industries it's important that employees keep up to date with recent changes in legislature. Chris delivers the necessary documentation to the relevant employees and confirms that they have read and understood the changes. View a demo here.

Ilse the IntegrityBot

In large organisations its important to give employees the opportunity to report incidents that they are concerned about. Ilse handles reports by employees and helps them decide on the correct action to take regarding their concerns. 

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