So you're super busy, but what are you getting done?

Is your company busy becoming more agile but is reality that most people are still dominated by emails and meetings? We see most successful teams having adopted social technology to communicate and collaborate. This article describes the maturity phases teams go through when adopting social technology to help them collaborate. Teams are the engine of the success of social networks just as they are the engine of the company. If your teams are smart and fast your company will be smart and fast. We see a lot of teams stuck in their emails and entangled in a web of document libraries but still hesitant to innovate their collaboration methods. Their willingness to let go of the old methods often

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Most companies are not getting sufficient value out of enterprise social networks because they are stuck doing the same thing on a new technology. They do not innovate how they work. Last week I wrote an article about the maturity levels we see when leaders use social networking technology as a leadership instrument. This article discusses the maturity levels we see when communication professionals use the platform. On September 6th we will be hosting a masterclass on maturity levels in enterprise social networking. You can subscribe here. Communications For communications departments social communication and collaboration platforms can be a game changer. However, many failures of enterprise

Networked leadership maturity levels

Many organisations have social networks to communicate, collaborate, and have their employees connect. Often these platforms are launched with great success but the required organisational change is not fully addressed and the organisations miss out on major benefits these social networks bring. We define 3 key stages in the maturity of the use of social networks in organisations. The stages are defined based on user activity. The stages are: Reaching people Becoming smarter Becoming faster and more agile The more mature the usage of social networks, the more value they deliver to the employees and the organisation. For now we have defined 7 areas of maturity. I will write a series of articl