Stop sharing, start collaborating

Ever gotten frustrated by a problem at work, only to find out a week later that a colleague in a different department found a way to solve the issue a while back? Bet you wished that knowledge was shared better in your workplace. Knowledge sharing is a big point of contention in most companies – so big that Googling “knowledge sharing best practices” yields almost 6 million search results. Wouldn’t it be great if you and your colleagues could just share their knowledge in a simple and efficient way? It could save time, energy and, as in the case that is discussed at the end of this post, even yield new, innovative and profitable(!) ideas. So let’s break down why knowledge sharing shouldn’t b

Be a better leader using Workplace by Facebook

The workplace has changed, companies are transforming faster, employees change jobs more quickly and information is coming at employees through countless channels. Therefore leaders need new ways to build, scale and sustain culture across their organisations and provide people with the right information. In this article you can find 6 opportunities that Workplace by Facebook offers to leaders. What is Workplace by Facebook? Workplace by Facebook is a platform that allows people in your organisation to connect, communicate, and collaborate in a more effective way. As a leader you can have conversations with large groups of people. Read more about the platform here. 1. Help your company transf